Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Storage Made Easy

My FAVORITE new resources. These ladies make the idea of Food Storage and Emergency Plan preparation FUN..really...FUN. The baby steps are just that...small steps to help you plan, prepare, learn, research and actually purchase your food storage. Not MRE meals....REAL food...your food...your families favorites! FOOD Storage Made EASY!


Lori said...

The link isn't working!!! You're just teasing us!!!

TraditionalFoodsMama said...

The title link is working and now I added on in the post....I tried to make the graphic work but it just won't do it for me...LOL (P.S......you...just YOU.....Lori......don't BUY one!)

Brennemom said...

Thanks for the link...my only issue with Food Storage is that for those of following a Nourishing Traditions type of diet....all food storage that I've seen calls for dry milk...is there a healthy substitute? I don't want to store something that I'll throw out when it expires "just in case" we need it. And I have a daughter who can't drink pastuerized milk. But can drink raw. I guess my food storage plan should include moving somewhere else and buying a cow? (lol)

TraditionalFoodsMama said...

For milk....there are some options but I don't see it as a reason not to do food storage.

They do make an organic whole milk powder. It doesn't store as long but it is better than the non-fat type. Our plan is to have a variety....from whole milk powder, canned coconut milk, coconut milk powder, boxed unsweet almond milk and whatever else we find that works. These are atleast MORE NT than the above Also by storing lots of nuts, beans and of course have a LARGE amount of water storage you can easily sub out milk for almost any recipes.

Many of the items in my food storage are going to be very different than those listed in this plan. I LOVE their plan and the info. I just sub out for more TF/NT type products whenever possibe. Many times the shelf life is shorter so you do have to keep a closer eye on things.

White Sugar = Sucanat w/Honey
Brown Sugar = Dark Sucanat & Molasses
Shortening = Coconut Oil/Palm Oil/Lard/Butter
Flavored Drink Mixes = Kombucha Mushroom/Kefir Grains/Tea/Emergen C

The forum at www.cookingtf.com has a whole section on TF food storage and food storage with food allergies.

I agree...having your own cow, chickens, garden is actually the BEST food storage plan you can have!!

Brennemom said...

Thanks for the link to cookingtf.com for food storage ideas.

I will check it out. I still do lots of food storage (which is easy when buying grains and beans in 25 lb bags!) but just hadn't thought of sources for the dry milk. I will look into the coconut milk/almond milk subs. Thanks!