Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 2 MM & Declutter

Day 1 went really well I got a lot done despite having a horrible headache in the afternoon. Only a few things got pushed on to today.

Today so far we have cleaned the kitchen, bathroom upstairs (including hair brushes), put several baskets of laundry away, cleaned the loft, straightened the master bedroom, vacuumed the loft, hallway & master.

It is nap/quiet time now and then we are tackling the playroom and kitchen again later. The fish tank needs to get removed and the counter reorganized. Downstairs bathrooms & Entertainment center up stairs need to get decluttered, dusted and freshened up. It was nice having everything done yesterday. A real feeling of accomplishment.

I didn't get my quiet time...Genesis 1-3 done yesterday or my CTBHHM journal. So I am going to work on those right now....while 2 are asleep and 2 more are laying down. We start a new school unit when they get up!

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