Thursday, January 3, 2008

Finishing Day 2

I finished up the the main counters done, fish tank is gone, and I moved off several small appliances. I decanted my Master Tonic and got the kitchen totally CLEANED and scrubbed down.

I am having a friend over tomorrow and I hate being embarassed by mess so it feels great to be close to company ready.......don't get me wrong....I still have a loft full of boxes, a few boxes in the bedroom & toy room. BUT this is the best my house has ever been.

Forrest cleaned off the entertainment center. I wanted to get the bookshelves decluttered more....little trinkets, toys, and such have ended up in front of the books. I wanted to get more done in the loft. BUT I need to pat myself on the back for what did get done.

Our laundry is caught up and put away. The loft got cleaned and vacuumed. Our master got dusted and vacuumed. felt so good.

Forrest and Brittany did a quick pick up of the toy room while I scrubbed the bathroom and got it ready for company. We had leftovers for dinner instead of a big dinner....I was too busy. But it was still yummy leftovers....Jerk Portobello Steaks, Salmon Patties & Orange Squash Risotto. to do some quiet time for myself, soak some oats for breakfast, quinoa for dinner and get to bed. My friend is coming at 9am....very early for our house.

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