Friday, January 2, 2009

Chicken Taco Soup

This is a great easy meal to make with leftover chicken.


* 1 onion (small), diced
* 1 can pinto beans
* 1 can kidney beans
* 1 can black beans
* 1 can corn (or equiv. frozen corn)
* 1 bottle of beer
* 2 cups stock (chicken or beef)
* 1- 32oz can Fire Roasted tomatoes, diced
* 3 tbs Fajita seasoning (or taco seasoning)
* 2-3 chicken breasts(frozen bagged) or 3 cups leftover diced chicken

Put canned stuffs in cooker, mix with seasoning, place chicken on top covered by liquid, cook 4 hours on low, take out chicken to cool to cut up, add back in for 2 hours then serve with sour cream, cheddar cheese and serve over sweet cornbread.

If using leftover chicken, start after you cut up the chicken...mix everything together.......only takes 2 hours.

This is easily doubled, tripled and freezes great.


Susan said...

is there an alternative to the beer?

TraditionalFoodsMama said...

Easily anything that is enough liquid. More stock or even water.