Friday, December 28, 2007

Ellie and Allergies

We have been fighting with an allergy problem for a while. She has some horrible red diaper rashes, stuffy noses and deep allergy shiners. I tried to eliminate just dairy . I am already gluten free so that isn't as much of an issues....but I am not 100% about it.

That didn't seem to work and she seemed to get worse. Some nights it was horrible...she would cry the wash was so read and so swollen. I had to do something drastic to resolve the problem. I went on a full TED. Total Elimination Diet....down to Turkey, sweet potatoes, pears, pear juice, reg potatoes, millet bread. It was so hard. I only last a little over a week. I added back in raw dairy and didn't see a reaction at first. I looked over our old food journal and began to think it might be acidic type foods.....tomatoes, citrus, well as dairy.

So.....after the 2nd week....I made a radical change. My food aversions (left from my HG pregnancies) really inhibit being able to eat a good variety of foods.

When I added the raw dairy back in with the TED...after 4 days it got really bad. The diaper rash had gotten better, as well as the mucus...but now she had small spots of excema on each cheek and the allergy shiners were the WORST I had seen. I am doing a modified Top 8 free diet. I trialed Eggs right away because I was taking away so many of my other main proteins....dairy & poultry (aversion). of now I am ......
Free of....Dairy, Gluten, Vinegar,Citrus/Tomato, Soy (except Tamari), Nuts, Fish/Shellfish, Poultry, and trying to be medium to low on Salicylate.

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