Monday, December 31, 2007

Jan 1st 2008 - Motivated Moms & Decluttering

January 1st To Do List

Check Email, Balance account, check schedule for day
Empty Dishwasher
Make Breakfast
Reboot Wash
Take Vitamins/Supplements
Load Breakfast Dishes
Clean Kitchen sink & stove
Clear/Wipe Kitchen Counters
Change dishcloth/towel
Empty Trash & Recycling in Kitchen
Sweep Kitchen/Dining Room/Entryway

Check on dinner plans/Put dinner in crockpot

After Breakfast/Before lunch
Make Beds
Quick Pick up of Bedrooms & Loft
Empty Trash in bedrooms
Vacuum 2nd story.....all bedrooms & loft

Start the kids on school project

Declutter & organize master bedroom closet
Make lunch
Add dishes to dishwasher & run
Reboot Wash

After Lunch
Clean upstairs bathroom - (Tub, shower, Toilet, floor, counters, mirrors, change hand towels)
Clean downstairs bathroom (sink, mirror, floor, toilet, change hand towels)

Special Reading Time with Mom
Kids OUTSIDE to play // Mom work/computer time.

After Nap/Before Dinner
Finish up dinner
Reboot wash
Put clean clothes away

After Dinner
Unload dishwasher
Clean up kitchen, (dishes, counters, sinks, stove, put away leftovers, table, sweep)
Start dishwasher

Before Bed
Declutter Coupons
Clean out Purse & Diaper bag
Make "To Do" List for tomorrow
Reboot wash
Journal/blog about the day

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