Friday, December 28, 2007

The New Year and my plans!

The New Year is coming and as usual I have PLANS.....lots of plans.

I ordered the Motivated Moms calendar and printed out the "Simple Life Declutter" calendar. Everything has been combined into on flexiable binder (that can fit my purse). It includes the above....also....meal planning, shopping list, bible in a year and my new BLESSINGS DO LIST.

The Blessings Do to replace the typical "Honey Do List". These are the large chores/ideas that I have to be done around the house. Now they are not CHORES....but items that IF done would BLESS me.

Typically....I make LOTS of plans but don't always follow thru for very most people.

BUT....plan on also blogging as to how it is all going and keeping myself accountable for keeping things going. I am sure this will change the flavor of my blog some but I am sure it will keep LOTS of traditional food items incorporated since that is a A HUGE part of my life.

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