Saturday, September 20, 2008

Meal Plan - September 08 - Week 2

These blogs are out of order....I am going back to add in some past meal plans.

Here is our menu plan for this week. We didn't do everything last week so you will see some repeats. And some...we just want again. :)

Sage Sausage Cheese Quiche & Tart Cherry yogurt muffins
Plum/Apple Puffed Pancake w/Vanilla yogurt cheese
Pumpkin Rice Pudding & Toddler Veggie Muffins
Blueberry French Toast Casserole & Broiled grapefruit
Crockpot Breakfast Casserole
Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal

Chicken Salad, hardboiled eggs, lettuce & fresh tomato
Cremini Mushroom/Onion Quesadillas w/guacamole & salsa
Sneaky Chicken Nuggets & Steam Broccoli
BLT Avocado Sandwiches

Crockpot Cabbage Rolls w/sour cream, roasted carrots, parsnips, & red peppers, buttered rolls
Chicken Pot Pie w/garden salads
Honey Baked Lentils w/sausage, steamed spinach w/hard boiled eggs & sauerkraut
Chicken Divan, Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/cinnamon butter
Butter Roasted Chorizo Sausage w/mashed cauliflower, roasted kale, ginger carrots
Salmon Patties, Marinated Coconut Cucumber salad, Mushroom/Fennel Risotto

Apples w/Crispy Almond Butter
Banana Fritters w/Vanilla yogurt
Baked Pears & Cranberries
Caramel Rolls
Salted Asparagus Fries
Honey Baked Apples w/Figs & Cinnamon
Carrot Muffins w/cream cheese frosting
Fresh Figs w/mascarpone cheese

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