Saturday, June 16, 2007

I REJECT circumcision

I REJECT circumcision.

I reject circumcision. For girls. For boys. For women. For men. For every human alive, or who ever lived, or who ever will live.

I reject circumcision because I regret being circumcised. Because I regret having someone else circumcised. Because circumcision is regrettable.

I reject circumcision because my genitals were cut. Because my genitals were not cut. Because I own my genitals.

I reject circumcision because I did not consent to the cutting of my genitals. Because I could not consent to the cutting of my children. Because the doctor did it anyway. Because the old man did it anyway.

I reject circumcision because it did not fool me. Because it did not fool everyone. Not back then. Not now. Not ever.

I reject circumcision because it cannot prevent disease. Because it is a disease. Because it must be cured. Because it must end.

I reject circumcision for better sex. Alone. With another. For any and all sex. For joy.

I reject circumcision because I have suffered. Because others have suffered. For all who suffered. For all who suffered and died.

I reject circumcision because it is a violation of human rights. Of human dignity. Of genital integrity. Of integrity.

I reject circumcision on behalf of myself. On behalf of my children. For the children I love. For the children I'll never know. For the children who will never know to thank me.

I reject circumcision in the name of truth. In the name of medicine. In the name of science. In the name of humanity.

I reject circumcision in the name of beauty. Because it is a mutilation. Because it is an injury. Because it is unnatural. It is ugly.

I reject circumcision on behalf of those traumatized by it. For those who have been wounded by it. For those who did the wounding. For the wound.

I reject circumcision for my family. For Africans. For Jews. For Christians. For Muslims. For Americans. For Everyone.

I reject circumcision for Abraham. For Isaac. For Jacob. For baby Jesus. For the boy Muhammad. For the girl Ayaan.

I reject circumcision done for tradition. Done for the rite. Done for God. Done for power. Done for money. Done because they could. Done always for wrong.I reject circumcision done for "my own good." For "your own good." For anyone's "own good." Done to fit in. Done for my mother-in-law. Done for no damn good.

I reject circumcision when I'm by myself. When I'm with others. When I'm holding a baby. When I'm making love.I reject circumcision because I was involved. Because I got involved. Because someone needs to be involved. Because children are involved.

I reject circumcision because it is my right to do so. Because it is my moral duty to do so. Because I am responsible.

I reject circumcision because I should have known better. Because I know better now. Because I help others know better. Now.

I reject circumcision to redeem myself. To redeem others. To redeem a man-made plague of six millennia.

I reject circumcision by speaking up. By speaking out. By blogging and posting and emailing and writing and mailing.


I reject circumcision and I prevented one circumcision. I can prevent ten circumcisions. Or 10 thousand. Or 10 million.

I reject circumcision and when I do, others follow. Because it has to be stopped. Because it will not stop until it is stopped. Because we will not stop. Or be stopped.

This is my Covenant with myself, with my children, and with children everywhere:

I reject circumcision in order to end it.

I am an Intactivist.

(Please copy, post, and distribute freely.)

Here is the full original post.....please read the L&D Nurses comments. They are VERY important

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